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The future of Voice Broadcasting Apps

In the 21st century, effective communication is arguably the most important life skill. Global corporations such as #Google and #Facebook exist on this truth. Interestingly, voice broadcasting technology predates them.

Although this technology seems to be currently in vogue, it was developed in the 1990s. Voice broadcasting apps help users share audio information simultaneously to a broad range of people. Below are some of the future expectations we at #KBA Systems have for voice broadcasting apps:

Community use

Communication is critical in building and sustaining any community. Therefore, it is only practical to have a system that distributes the same information to all members of a particular community simultaneously.

An example of such an organization is a school or a church that needs to share information about upcoming events and meetings. Given the deep emotional connection that voice conversations establish, app development comapny have an important role in the future.

Moreover, voice broadcasting apps for the future are being designed for improved personalized connections. These would be able to mention customer’s names and even use their location. This makes each audio content seemingly customized for each listener. These future voice broadcasting apps would revolutionize teaching and social media.


This is the use of voice broadcasting apps to inform people about a product or service. Medium and small scale businesses most often use this technology. Commercially, voice broadcasting apps are most effective when people who are interested in your offering are messaged.

Also, diverse organisations use voice broadcasting apps to spread the word about whatever promotion they might be having. Voice broadcasting would be critical to the future as it helps firms save billions of dollars on customer service staffs handling basic and repetitive issues.

Additionally, voice broadcasting apps of the future would be smart. They would use a customer’s transaction history and play them offers that might be relevant to them or to improve their experience. For example, a #hospital voice broadcasting app would be smart enough to send particular messages to particular patients that meet certain criteria for predisposition to some disease.


This is the third and arguably the most critical application of voice broadcasting apps. Current systems are used in informing people of impending danger such as a tsunami or a blizzard. Care should be taken to note that future broadcasting stations would require further capabilities.

An example of this capability is the ability to track and geo-locate all recipients in the region. This would help emergency units identify people that might be in particular danger e.g. high rise buildings etc.

Nonetheless, current voice broadcasting applications have various functionalities such as the text-to-voice feature, #Voice calling, #Video calling, #Group calling and #Message scheduling.

These go a long way today but cannot meet the needs of the future – #KBA Systems.


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