The logo of your company speaks for itself! It’s not only a symbol but it’s the entire representation of your company/brand. It depicts your company and the work you do! People connect the brand with its logo. Every brand should have a logo that can help people recognize and remember them! But, if you are planning on changing the logo of your brand then I think there are a few points you should think about before changing it!

a.Think About Your Current Audience:

What kind of customers do you have? Are they with you from the start? Do they shift from one brand to another? Or are they consistent with your brand? If your brand is small and does not have many consistent customers then you can think about changing your logo, it won’t affect your company much! But, if people recognize you from the logo of your company and your company is constantly growing and is 25-30 years old then there is no point in changing the logo! Why do you want to change it? Because it’s been 10-15 years since you last changed your logo or do you just want to try something new? Well, the last time you changed it was 10-15 years back and your company is constantly growing because of that, so there is no point in changing the logo now, right? And if you are just changing it because you want to try something new then remember it might be risky for your brand! Either you can lose the trust of your customers or they might just not recognize your brand! So, think the whole process through before doing/changing something! 

b.Keep The Changes Simple:

The simpler the log, the easier to remember! Even if you change your logo then don’t bring a drastic change that the customers cannot recognize your brand without reading the name! Making a minor change is good but remember your logo will also be printed on your product and customers will think twice before buying it if it doesn’t look good! So, keep your logo simple which speaks for the company itself. Look at the logos of companies like Apple, Nike, and Mc. Donalds etc. is simple and easy to remember! 

c.Think About The Future: 

You don’t just have to think about how the logo will look in 3-4 years! You have to think about how it will look after a decade or two! Because if you follow today’s trend and you keep the same logo for a decade then it won’t look good. And if you keep changing the logo every 3-4 years based on the trend then it will be difficult for the customers to trust you! So, don’t just think about the present, think about the future and make your logo accordingly also remember you don’t want to change it after every 3-4 years just to go with the trend!

d.Make It Unique From Your Competitors:

What is the point of making a new logo if you are going to make it similar to that of your competitors! It’s better if you just don’t change it! Take an example of Google. In1998, Google’s logo consisted of an exclamation mark [GOOGLE!] which was similar to Yahoo’s [ YAHOO!] and there were not many search engines at that time so, the resemblance was just too similar and so later google changed it again! So, try making your design and try making it unique! If you try to make a similar kind of logo then it would be difficult for your customers to recognize you.

  1. Make It Similar To Your Last One:

If you want to change your logo for your brand then try making it similar to your last one. Don’t try to change colors or anything. Because the colors are the same it will be easy to recognize you. Just bring minor changes in the design or something. This way your old customers will think that you have not changed anything about the product just the logo and they will keep trusting you.  


Before changing the logo, always keep the above-mentioned things in mind. Think the whole process through before making any changes. Because just a minor change can bring a change in a company’s growth either positive or negative!


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