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Got an idea to develop an app or software ?

Technology has become very important worldwide. It’s been only a decade where #facebook #instagram #whatsapp #Twitter #uber #airbnb and other social media and applications have changed the world.

I still remember losing the opportunity cost. When I came to India from the UK in 2012 there were no E-Commerce players like #Flipkart, #Jabong and #Myntra in the market. While I used to buy a lot of products online in the UK like Next UK etc. However, Amazon and eBay were there in INDIA but they were not popular among the people. I thought of developing an e-commerce app but I didn’t do it.

#Uber, #Ola #merutaxi application was not there in INDIA.

There was no food application like #Zomato, #UberEats and #Swiggy in India.

Classified apps or web-like OLX, Quikr, Locanto was not there in INDIA while I used to use gumtree a lot in the UK.

I am familiar with gumtree and other e-commerce apps a lot in the UK. I had an idea of an e-commerce app, a classified website for India too but I never thought about the execution of my idea in India. If I would have executed the idea then I might have the chances to be successful.

So if you think you have an idea which can make the difference towards the society, Solve some existing problems what other app did like #Uber, #Zomato, #Flipkart then you should follow your feelings and try to execute those ideas. You must start writing your idea in the form of a user story. We at #KBASYSTEMS helps to convert the ideas into a solution to many small-medium scale enterprises.

At #KBASYSTEMS, some steps are very important while executing your idea are as below.

  • If your idea is unique then try to understand legal formalities and convert them into trademark or copyright.
  • Write your idea and divide them into categories and subcategories.
  • Write user story from different stakeholder perspective like from the customer, user, owner, employee, etc.
  • Speak with software Company/Agency and discuss the cost and timeline.
  • Discuss post development cost, hosting cost, marketing cost, fixed cost, and variable cost.
  • Define the number of languages you want to add inside the web or mobile application.
  • Define your location criteria whether you want to provide services locally around your city, country-specific or all over the world.
  • Define the revenue model which is very important.
  • Note Down the list of challenges which may come before, during or after your idea gets developed includes technical, marketing, financial, competitors, revenue challenges and other challenges.

Conclusion: There are many people who are successful only because they execute their idea at right time. So if you think that you have some idea then you must try to execute it. Please do not keep your idea die inside your heart. In the worst scenario, you will lose some money and some time but you will get lifelong learning for sure.


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