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Hiring a UI/UX designer may help you make the product more functional and user-friendly, and increase end-user engagement. The UI/UX designers at KBA are aware of the value of user experience engineering and utilize their 5+ years of application design expertise to build custom UI UX design solutions that will make your app and concept stand out.

KBA guarantees that the customer obtains a smart design that may increase productivity and ROI by meeting and beyond the requirements of the optimal UI/UX solution.

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Our Services

Wide Range Of Experts

The diverse group of UX/UI designers at KBA offers first-rate design services that streamline the whole design process.

Hypergrowth Strategy

We develop a profound grasp of the sector, provide designs that stand out, and ensure that we generate the greatest ideas.

Comprehensive Business Support

We assemble interdisciplinary teams of software industry professionals for you, including the top project managers and strategists.

Truly Agile Process

We choose the finest agile methodology practices and apply them to other project areas in order to guarantee the greatest level of quality and accountability in the work of our professionals.

Code Reviews

To ease the handling of production, the code is checked in in smaller pieces. Online or peer-to-peer code review becomes even more efficient.

Excellent Tools

The engineers make use of instruments that have a strong track record in the business. Clean code, code linting, unit testing, and other best practices are prevalent.

Our Work

Foodel image

Food Ordering And Delivery Platform

Tired of overpaying for your right to a nice meal in the comfort of your home? Not Anymore! Foodel is bringing the Fair Food Revolution!!! Enjoy the luxury of ordering in without paying any undue Charges. The Foodel Model: -0% Commission -Thousands of Vouchers -No Concealed Charges -Speedy Delivery -Excellent Customer Service -Pure Value It's the Fair Food Revolution! Now you can enjoy anything, anytime, anywhere with Foodel.

  • Built For
    IOS | Android | Web
  • Build with
    CodeIgniter / Swift / Kotlin
  • Status
  • Industry
    Food & Beverages


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