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Free consultation at KBA Systems

Let’s understand the meaning of free consultation those who are looking to develop any software or software services they always have many
questions what will be the cost of the project? Technology? Etc Etc.

at KBA Systems we provide free consultations which means if any customer is looking forward to develop any software services then we provide them free of cost guidelines which includes as follow .

We can help customer out to estimate the price to complete software services from design to development till uploading the software on a respective platform. Apart from that we can also help them to understand different life cycle of software development. We also suggest them different hosting provider too with their pros and cons based on our experience.

After Free Consultation company will have the following answers

  • Approximate cost of the software project.
  • Appropriate hosting provider which suits the budget and the software requirement.
  • Variable cost of the project.
  • Maintenance cost of the project after the project is live.
  • Timeline to see the project live.
  • Available technology under which project can be developed and advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies.
  • What should a customer need to prepare before a product goes live like privacy policy, terms, and conditions.
  • Which payment gateway is better then other depending on the country and payment gateway terms and conditions.
  • Technical feasibility of the idea to convert in to reality.
  • Which third party is good for different functionalities.
  • Which SMS gateway to choose.
  • What is the colour combination to use inside the design.
  • From where logo need to develop.
  • Which project management tool to use to see the progress of the project.
  • What is change request how change request will work.
  • How many months of warranty will be there inside the current project development.
  • What is the milestone payment and when to release the milestone.


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