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Fair Software Services

What is the fair software services:

Software services are the wide concept which includes from Mobile application, Web Development, Web design, ERP Solution, Desktop applications and many more.

If you are developing software then you need to choose the partner who can provide you the fair services. Let’s take real time example to understand the fair services.

Customer ‘A’ has the credit card where he is paying the 45% rate of interest and late fee charges, where his credit limit is $2000, When he calls the direct banking and ask to increase the credit limit below can be considered as the fair and unfair services from customer perspective.

Fair Services from the Bank officer:

Direct banking officer on the phone can give the other options to the customer let’s say overdraft of $3000 where customer will be paying the interest of 15% to 20% interest or may be less than that where customer will save the money.

Direct banking officer can offer the loan where customer will be paying only 10% to 15% interest or less than that where customer will save the money.

Unfair Services From the bank officer:

Bank officer can achieve his target by increasing customer limit upto $5000 where customer will be paying the 45% interest. Customer loss.

Bank officer can also offer the another card with lot of here and there unwanted benefits where customer will be paying more charges, more fees and 40% to 45% rate of interest.Customer loss.

We can consider the same with the software services.

Based on my experience 80% of the client does not have the deep knowledge of the technical part they always rely on the company on below given questions.

  • Which technology to choose ?
  • Which hosting provider to choose?
  • What will be monthly or yearly Cost of hosting provider ?
  • Azzure is better or Amazon is better?
  • Which third party to choose?
  • Which project management software is better to track the work ?
  • Should i buy individual Google play account or business ?
  • Should i Buy iOS developer individual account or enterprise?
  • Native is better or Hybrid is better ?
  • Which payment gateway to choose ?
  • What are the charges for the payment gateway ?
  • Can i make my solution on multi Language?
  • What is the total cost of the project?
  • What is change request?
  • What is within the scope and out of the scope?
  • What are the maintenance charges?
  • What is the fair hourly rates ?
  • Is there any hidden cost ?

Its software companies responsibility to guide the client in such a way so that client will get the best services at fair price. Client must feel like family doctor where they feel safe, confident and trustworthy.

All the clients who are looking forward to outsource their software services where their intentions are to focus more on marketing, branding, strategies planning rather then involving more in development, coding, quality and money.

At KBA SYSTEMS we have been providing 100% fair services. KBA TEAM always gives 100% transparency We provide all the fair options to the client to make the choice.

Software services is very complex its the complete cycle where one activity affects the other activities, changes in one activity reflect the changes at many place during the development and after the development. So the software company who can stay fairly with the client in all ups and down can be considered as the fair treatment.


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