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Web Design Company VS Freelancer: Which One is Best

Is it important to know who is going to build your e-business card i.e. your website?

Every organization needs a website.

When I started my first business of software consultant I was in the same situation of how to represent my business to the client and from where to start.

Well, there are a few options, but mainly there are three choices:

  • Should I develop by myself by watching some videos online?
  • Should I hire a freelancer?
  • Should I go with the website agency to build it?

It’s a tough decision!

Option one: Should I develop by myself by watching some videos online?

In 2012 I opted the first option which was going through with the videos and developed the website in WordPress where I just took some images from google and wrote some content from my end where the website was looking beautiful due to images and the template which has been used inside the website. After developing the website I manage to do hosting with some friends help after making that I was literally feeling proud.

Pros :

  • No Cost.
  • Quick development.
  • It was the way I want.
  • I was satisfied because it was developed by me only.

Cons :

    • Many parts have not been connected:
      • Google analytics
      • Social accounts.
      • Business emails integration.
    • It was not responsive.
    • Many plugins which are basics have not been implemented.
    • Contact us form where emails were not going into the mailbox.
    • It was not having the professional look at all.

Second: Should I hire a freelancer?

Many experienced developers are working as a freelancer to earn some extra cash, What is the freelancer? freelancers are the developers who work full time with some company, in part-time they work from home, they usually do not have the office or business.

Benefits of working with a freelance web designer:

      • They are cheaper than the agencies
      • You will get a good turn around time as you are directly working with the respective person.
      • Customer service is high if the freelancer doesn’t have many numbers of clients.
      • re-explain of the details and concept is low as you are directly working with one person only.

Cons working with a freelance web developer:

      • Most of the freelancer work on the part-time which mean they work either on the evenings on during the weekend so even their turn around time is quick but their actual execution of the work is a delay.
      • Due to time constraint Sometimes changes in existing work takes more time then what is committed.
      • Let’s say when you want to develop the website in Codeigniter, Php or ASP.nnt website in that situation developer need to get HTML done by someone else if you want developer should design as well then that turn out to disaster.
      • If freelancer gets some health and social issues then your project might get shut for while as he is the only responsible person.
      • If freelancer stops responding even contracts and agreement has been signed maximum client can give the negative feedbacks which don’t make any major impact on the freelancer.
      • You need to hire more if freelancer doesn’t have the knowledge of professional designing, adding the meta and some tags for the SEO and marketing perspective.

Third: Should I go with the website agency to build it?

Part 1: Small Team approx 30 to 40 employees

Usually, the freelancers are looking for more work so, they get more clients and increase the numbers of projects inside his/her portfolio. When the portfolio gets bigger and the client gets added then freelancer hire more people to work under/with them. Which converts the freelancer into a small team and then into the company.

Pros to working with a web design & development company:

      • Once freelancer becomes the company, they know the structured way of working
      • They have the developers on various technology so work is more efficient and change request gets handle so quickly.
      • Professional Designers are there in the office so there is less dependency on other freelance who was located at the different place might be working on a different timezone.
      • Now a company has a good amount of hardware so checking the website responsiveness is handy.
      • The company has the quality check team that are responsible for 100% accurate product so a client saves a lot of time in quality checking.
      • The web development company is going to cost you little more to build a website than freelancer web developer but you’re still looking at very reasonable pricing (as there are not a lot of overhead with a smaller web development company).
      • In addition, there will be the same person with good customer service and high turnaround time. With a smaller web development company, the amount of time a project takes to complete from proposal to completion is extremely quick.

Cons of working with a web development firm:

If a company is only providing the website design and development then again client have to find the content writer and SEO executive

It depends on the client to define the line between the small firm to big corporates.

2: USA Corporate or some big software firm:

If one has not hired the small company yet, then I suggest hiring a big company.

Pros to working with a Big Web Development Company:

  • A big company has a lot of processes — a Big company has the set of procedure and for every procedure, they have a different person responsible,
  • A client does not find many problems in the design, as well qualified designers are there to provide the pixel perfect designing.

Cons of working with a Big Web Company:

  • To understand the website there is the business analysis team who charges minimum $25 P/h to analyze the customer requirement and put them into the paper with detail data flow diagram with a different task with the dates. So sometimes business analysis at big firms cost equal then the total cost of the website with the small firm.
  • As the company has created 1000s of websites so maybe the client will get something similar which is there in the market as they have the built-in readymade templates.
  • There are many employees so sometimes the same requirement is getting the handle by a number of the employee at different time duration. One can feel like finding the same nurse in the big hospital.
  • Charges are extremely high some time small change has to go with a lot of processes due to there is more delay than expected.

Based on my personal experience big companies lose a lot of leads to convert them into the business, Because of their lengthy process, many clients give up their idea of developing the website however in the same amount of time small companies finish the 50% of the development till big company finishes their business analysis part.

Website development, at the end your brand image should influence a perception and create an impression of your business abilities. Web development solution which uniquely communicates who you are, drives business growth, demonstrate why you’re important, increase your ROI and visually get noticed with an awesome design that is the only important factor for you.

Last: It’s client choice whom to choose.

There are a different sides of a different coin, every option are connected with the client need as he/she is paying and trusting to develop his/her e-business card website design/development with KBA SYSTEMS.

The choice depends on the various criteria which include the budget, features, language, business model, etc. So, the client needs to do little research and sync where his purpose is getting resolved and he/she must be getting what he/she deserves.


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