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What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

When I started my career as the software developer I was confused between the web development and web design. for me both were same. So when someone was asking me where I want to make my career then my answer was any of these. When I tried to figure it out I had many questions like what are the roles of the web developers and web designers? which language I will be working if I am a web developer? which platform I will be using if I am the web designer? or web developers and web designers interchangeable terms with the same meaning?

After analysis, I came to know there is an obvious difference between web development and web designing. Differences which are found as below.

Web design

Web designers can be compared with the Fashion, Architect and Mechanical products they all need something visually to convert them in an actual finished product. Without a proper plan, if an architect cannot make the building same way without proper web design web developer cannot make web development.

Web designers roles are very difficult they need to take care of many scenarios in a website. Depending on the industry they need to provide the various color combination, sometimes one screen required multiple fields, picture, contents, and videos. They also need to think how their design will look on different screens and resolution once it’s live. They also need to make sure design must be simple, classy and beautiful in such a way where the user can access a different part of the website easily.

Below are some of the main roles of a web designer:

  • Good drawing and sketching skills.
  • Knowledge of different software like photoshop, illustrator, sketch etc.
  • Good skills in logo design graphic design.
  • Good imagination and understanding of the user experience or ability to foresee from the user perspective.
  • Good logical and reasoning skills to understand and put the right things in the right place.
  • Web designer also has to take care of the customer legal obligation, copyrights, and other legal parts may affect due to some actions.

Web development

Web developers are the civil engineers if we are talking about the construction who actually build the building by following the designs which have been given by the architect. So web developers are the people who actually convert the actual design and develop them into the finished product.

Different languages are there for the website development. Based on some online data many popular websites platform has been developed on below given technologies.

  • Youtube is using Python.
  • Facebook is using PHP.
  • Netflix is using NodeJS.
  • StackOverflow is using .NET.
  • And many powerful and popular websites are using java, ruby, swift etc.

So web developer can develop a website by using different software languages. On other hands, web development divided into two main categories: front-end developers, and back-end developers. Front-end developers are the connection between both web designers and back-end developers, if developer having little knowledge of both frontend and backend, allow a front-end developer to develop a complete website. A front-end developer who provides the interface and layout to the backend developer.

There are three main languages for Front-end development.

JavaScript (JS). With these languages.

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML),

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Thus, a back-end developer then uses server languages such as PHP or ASP.NET and writes database queries by using languages such as SQL or MySQL.


There is the clear difference between web developer and web designer both have the essential roles both are interdependent one does not exist without another. I started my career as backend developer after realizing the difference and future opportunity is more as the backend developer. I hope you have now the clear understanding of the difference in roles and languages.


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