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How to select the right Software Partner for your Business

The success of every software development project hinges greatly on selecting the right software partners. There are few limits to the justifiable level of scrutiny and rigor that clients use when choosing partners.

Over the years, #KBA Systems has been opportune to work on various global software development projects. This has led us to create a practical checklist that is deployable by clients when searching for the right software partners.

Although this list is not exhaustive, we have been able to identify and discuss the most critical parts of the process. This is sure to save you #capital, #time, and #energy, both in the short term and in the long term.

Don’t follow the quotations

In software development, different partners charge differently. Most often than not, they charge according to the level of value they have to give you. So, should a particular firms’ quote be way cheaper than the rest, then it is advisable to ignore such. It just might sting in the future.

Such software partners usually have source code owner issues or even technical incompetence. The focus should be on hiring the most cost-effective service.

Stick with your business requirement & evaluation criteria

The requirements should stem from the business objectives that are needed and should birth the vendor requirement. An effective evaluation scale that utilizes weights or priorities is needed in your evaluation criteria. Factor in the fit between each proposed solution and your objectives during the demo.

Utilize exhaustive scope

At KBA systems, what we often notice is that most customers tend to enter the contract with limited scope. As the development of nears termination, they often seek additional features and requirements. This is scope creep.

Should the new requirement deviate greatly from the set deliverables, benchmarks or cost agreed upon initially, a resolution is imminent. So, we often advise all our clients to be exhaustive and detailed when selecting the right software partners. This ensures all expectations are on the same page.

Overall, choose a firm that is keen on working with you and offers personalized attention to your corporate needs. Moreover, they should be reputable in that aspect of development; don’t assume all software development companies are the same.


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