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How to Boost E-Commerce Sales through Mobile Application

In today’s world of throat cut competition in every field, developing new strategies to remain one step ahead of other competitors has become very vital, and the same can be applied for companies indulging in e-commerce business. In order to stay relevant in the world of online business, every company should strive for absolute consumer satisfaction and thus increase their brand value and boost up their sales and one of the essential things a company should ensure is to develop a Mobile application.

Just by restricting to a website is not going to do any wonders to the sales; the majority of the population has become more accustomed to the use of Mobile phones than that of a Personal computer or a laptop. To say in simple words, consumers do not prefer visiting various websites while surfing the internet, to buy products of their choice, instead they prefer one-stop solution to all their needs and requirements and this can be mostly fulfilled if the consumers can avail the concerned e-commerce company’s mobile application, a world accomplishing and fulfilling all their needs, just a download away.

There are several web & app Development service providers out there in the market providing services like web development, mobile app development, among others. Such a company making a mark for itself in this field and ensuring full consumer contentment is KBA SYSTEMS, which has over 15 years of experience in this field and which has made its presence felt global after serving in over 26 countries.

Increasing E-Commerce Sales using Mobile Apps

As discussed above, one of the essential facilities which any e-commerce company should provide is by making their mobile application available to the consumers, and these mobile applications can be quickly brought into the picture by availing the services of Mobile App Development company like KBA Systems. With this done, new strategies should be developed and incorporated to make the consumer experience completely hassle-free as they browse the application, have all their requirements at the tip of their fingers, without facing any inconvenience or hardship.

The concerned e-commerce company can undertake several strategies and steps to boost its sales by utilizing their mobile application and thus increasing their revenue and profits, and in turn, raising their brand value.

Ensuring smooth experience for the consumers

Develop applications that are bug-free and devoid of any minor or significant technical issue. No consumer wants their app to lag in their phone. They always expect a smooth and disturbance-free experience while buying the products of their choice. So, the most fundamental thing is to ensure that the app does not lag or gets infested with minor or significant bug errors.

Relieving the application of advertisements

Yes, the advertisements bring in revenues for the company, but a consumer does not desire distractions in the face of their shopping experiences. Unwanted icons or ads on the mobile application, the users getting redirected to different sites, will do no good in the company’s attempt to boost their sales.

Building a base of loyal customers and providing them incentives through mobile applications

Any company should always strive for building a base of faithful customers who not only continue to be loyal supporters but also spread the word among others, and the case is not any different from e-commerce companies. They should provide not only smooth purchasing experience to the consumers but also offer several incentives to retain the customers, turning them into loyal supporters.

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Several incentives can be provided through these mobile applications, for instance, loyalty membership at an affordable rate can be made available to the consumers and with this membership, more discounts, gifts, better offers, etc. can be provided to these special customers, and this will go a long way in boosting the sales for the e-commerce companies.

Include Chatbots in the Mobile Apps

The concerned company should ensure that consumers do not have to always revert to customer care service to solve any query or doubt or issue. Incorporating chatbots as one of the features of the applications will help the consumers to get their simple questions solved without breaking much of a sweat. All queries regarding different brands, price, price range, delivery time, delivery charges, payment issues, etc. should be solved within minutes with the aid of the chatbots.

Incorporating quality features in the Mobile Apps

This is the most fundamental thing to be ensured by the company; top-notch quality should be maintained to increase sales. It should ensure that no fake or corrupted products are delivered to the customers, from assembling to packaging to providing and then to exchanging or returning of products in some instances, every step should be a smooth experience. All the features should be adequately functional; any clickbait or other fake alluring techniques should be completely avoided. Everything presented before the consumers should be genuine.

Keeping the consumers updated

All e-commerce companies should target individual consumers and keep them updated according to their preferences and their purchasing history. All updates regarding the launch of new models, different offers should be made available to consumers through several methods. One such way is personalization i.e., personalized recommendations through text messages, emails, and others, however, it should also be limited because consumers tend to get agitated with too many personalized messages. Enabling push notifications is another such method, where the consumers can get notified without opening the mobile application and thus remain updated.

Allowing different payment methods for one particular purchase
Most of the consumers availing the mobile application always wish for flexibility in the payment options, rigidity, in this case, cannot prove to be beneficial. For a particular purchase, different options should be made available to the consumers and the privilege to employ more than one at the same time, for instance, payment through credit/debit cards, net banking, Cash on Delivery, EMIs and various other routes.

Incorporating contests, games and other features
Exciting features like different contests, games, etc should be integrated into these Mobile Apps. Such features not only attract the attention of the consumers but also if such features reward the consumers with several gifts or bonuses, it only aids in leaving them happy and satisfied and thus helps in retaining them as loyal customers.

Updates to fix any bug or error
The apps should be kept up to date free from all errors and this can be done through regular updates. However, such updates should also be not too often as updating apps take up both the data and phone storage, which can lead consumers to try out other options available in the market.

The app should be free of any cost
The main deterrent which can come in the way of boosting the sale is the availability of the app at a price. The application should be free of cost for all the consumers out there.

Several steps can be taken by the e-commerce companies to boost their sales through Mobile Apps. The first and foremost requirement is the development of a quality app that can be easily done by mobile app development company KBA SYSTEMS. With the mobile application developed, new strategies should be developed to render the app more and more consumer-friendly. The ultimate aim is to augment the sales by ensuring consumer contentment.


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