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Why Choose React Native Framework over Hybrid App Development?

In the modern era, where there are so many programming languages that are taking over the market with their advantages over others. The main aim of every programming language that is coming in recent times is to make it easy for the developer to code, who wouldn’t want code simplicity at this time. That is where JavaScript is coming kicking from the front door where instead of writing long lines of code, you can type a script and run it to save time and effort. React native can be said to be a part of the JavaScript framework, which is used for natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android.

React native came out of Facebook’s JavaScript library, which was before used in making the user interface. When React native came in, it made it easy for developers to develop applications for both Android and iOS simultaneously. React Native apps make use of JavaScript and XML, which is known as JSX.

Demand in Market

No matter what you talk about, nowadays it is noted in the diary that JavaScript is touching the peak of the market when it comes to programming languages. The underlying demand of a programmer whos good at it is very high. When you look at the salary point of view, the developers that make use of Java to develop a particular hybrid app will tend to earn lesser as compared to the React Native developers.

Basically what a company would look is to spend less money and effort and that’s precisely the case with the people who use React to develop mobile applications. Their demand in the industry is just excellent, and the company looks forward to working with the people who fall under the category “REACT DEVELOPER”.

Advantages of React Native Framework

Well if we start talking about benefits there are multiple which heavily favours React Native, and those are:

Increases the pace of development, Makes it faster and cost-efficient

Well, we have already talked about that every company looks for developers who are perfect in React Native and there’s a big reason for this because every CEO would want to get everything done in the least amount spent. With the help of React Native, we can use the same code for developing iOS and Android applications. With this, we are saving both effort and money for the company which from a business point of view is good. Moreover, we can say that if we use React Native app development over the hybrid app, we will be saving a significant amount of code length and also making the company spend less on it.

One Code for Both

It is clear as the heading because with the use of React Native we are giving the user freedom to write the code for the application once which will be used in both iOS and Android and that’s also called cross-platform support. This cross-platform integration catches the eye of every developer, and this is also one of the primary reasons why people tend to switch to React Native from Java.

Efficient Development of Applications

Facebook developed React Native, and it was previously used to manage the user interface. So, we can say this that React Native can deliver the product very fast as compared to the programmer who’s making the same application with the use of Java. React Native make use of ReactJS UI library, which is made my Facebook. So, it’s the main engine that works under the hood dishing out an application that looks like it is made under a hybrid environment but has a native throughput.

Not only this with React Native, but we are also improving the performance of the application ten folds by providing a simple programming process with the help of ReactJS. Moreover, there is one more significant advantage that comes under this heading that is that we can see the recent changes in the code immediately. If we have two screens, one can support the system whereas we can see the revisions on the second screen on a mobile screen.

Best Suited for Cross-platform Support

With the constant demand and increase in popularity. We can now say that there is no need for the core developers. Not saying that they are useless, but that way is just not efficient. Those times are long gone where we had to hire a Swift developer for iOS and Java or Objective C for Android development.

Moreover, there is no need for hiring a team of app developers. A JavaScrip developer who is an expert in native UI-UX design, and knows how to code and what to code is enough for both iOS and Android. With the popularity, React Native is receiving immense support from the developers who are also the decisive point for the creators of React Native if any problems arise, JS and Native coders are always there to help and fix them up.

Focuses on UI

React Native focuses mainly on making a mobile UI, and as compared with another framework, it still stands on top. If the programmer knows how to make use of React Native, he will make React natural look as if it’s a JavaScript library rather than a framework.

An application that is made using React Native is smoother and will respond much faster as compared to an application that is made using Java. This is the perk of JavaScrip that it works in sync with the native environment resulting in an astonishing UI that feels more fluid and responsive.

Write Once for Both

This is by far the best feature that I found about React Native that a programmer needs only to write the code once and boom he is done for both the platforms. There is no need to install a third-party plugin or library to access the things which are present inside of your phone. This case applies to both Android and iOS platforms. React Native is an open-source framework, thus making it compatible with other platforms and present for the whole array of developers.

No Need to Write Separate Code for Website and Application

Well, another one that goes to React Native. With React Native, the code is reusable, which means one update is needed to dish out the changes in both the web and application. This results in the time well spent and making it easy even for your team to develop programming logic.


Isn’t it still clear now? Well, you still have the time to switch to React Native and sooner the better. Well, there are many things that a programmer will save when he changes to React Native or make use of React Native that is, Time, Effort spent over programming logic.

If you ask me to React Native takes over hybrid app development in every case, and that’s pretty clear. We at KBA Systems, Provides React Native app development service in India, USA, Canada & UK region to fulfill the client’s app requirement & Dreams for their business.


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