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Want to build an Mobile App?

The world as we know it is changing rapidly. Mobile is restructuring or upgrading most industries. While Uber disrupts the transportation industry, Airbnb revolutionizes the hotel industry. What do these companies have in common? Each of them built an app to solve a dire problem.

Mobile application development has become a lucrative business strategy. Statistics show that mobile penetration has overtaken computers. This means that more people have access to mobile phones than any other gadget. So, your business and idea would be readily available to billions of users.

After you have decided to build an app, we at KBA systems advise our clients to draft the app’s development plan. This plan refers to the processes that should be followed to ensure the app is developed accurately. We have listed the plan below.


The most successful app in the world isn’t the most sophisticated. Instead, they are the most thoughtful. In-app development, simpler is better. The ideation phase involves seeking important problems that can be solved using an app. Is there a way to digitize an existing business

This is the brainstorming session, where developers list top problems. This list is narrowed down via elimination. The elimination criteria might include economic viability, feasibility, existing competition, existing customer base, etc. Another important factor during ideation is to remain as open-minded as possible when defining your solutions.


At the moment, most problems in the world already have apps posed to solve them. However, most of them don’t. So, during the research face, the Mobile App Developer must be willing to understand the shortcomings of similar applications. This would help it succeed where others failed.

Also, developers are advised to research into the existing and prospective trends that might define their niche. Reading reviews of existing solutions also helps developers gain multiple users insights. Thereafter, it is important to perform informal interviews. These interviews help identify how users interact with and solve this problem in their life. This information is used to build user personalities – summarizing your target audience.


This is the strategizing phase. App developers must build an entire business around their application. This would help the app become a thriving business other than a one-off app. Some of the issues handled in the structuring phase include human resource management, timeline, and finance.

Accordingly, this helps give the application the right human support to thrive. This includes resolving how to raise funds, determining who would develop what code and understanding how the firm tracks development activities.


Perception is everything. Wireframe your app from the rough concept into a refined solution. Outstanding apps are designed masterpieces. It is also important to stay on top of current UI trends for global success. When you build an app, make your brand central to the design. Colors, logo, font pairing, etc. should all align for greater competitive advantage.

Develop & Test

This is the actual work. Developers must factor cost and user experience in deciding whether or not to pursue native app development. Native apps only run on one platform – e.g. iOS, Android. Although hybrids (which can run on both platforms) are cheaper, the experience is less thrilling. Non-programmers can outsource the project to competent developers.

Moreover, after building the app within scope, timeline, and cost, testing is needed. Documented testing is required in different phases to identify and resolve all bugs. The engineering team does the Alpha testing, while users do the beta testing.

Go Live: After certifying that your app is ready to go, post it on the store. Ensure your team speedily resolves user issues and bug reporting. This would make your app a huge success.


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