Everyone uses Social Media for different purposes. Some use it for entertainment, some use it to stay updated on what is going on in the world, while some use it to tell people about their business! Every social media platform has its algorithm, it depends on the user’s purpose and how he/she uses it. If you are using it for business purposes then you have to keep posting, engage with the audience, and also stay with the trend! You should know how to take advantage of social media platforms to grow your business. Many online marketers agree that their efforts in implementing a social media strategy for their business have been effective. 

Here are a few social media platforms that can help your business grow:


Even though Facebook is old and a bit outdated, 2.7 billion people use it! It does not matter what you are selling, Facebook is a worthwhile investment for your company. Facebook allows you to connect with a great number of people from diverse backgrounds! With Facebook ads, you can target those who are willing to purchase your product, and just like that your ad reaches the target audience of your wish. 


Today Instagram has 700 million monthly active users. Instagram mostly has teenagers using it, so if you are targeting the younger generation for your product/service then Instagram is the go-to platform for you! And because Instagram is mostly used by the younger generation there are only 43% of people on Instagram with a college degree. Instagram is a great place to reach consumers at large. 

One of the best Instagram features for your business is that it allows you to tell your brand story with unique and engaging visual content. The other amazing feature of Instagram is that it allows you to put stories on your profile that are visible to your follower only for 24 hr and on those stories you can go live, show behind the scenes of your business and do many more things. One more thing that you need to keep in mind while doing business on Instagram is using the right hashtags. Using the right hashtag can be of great help to your business. 


Twitter is like sending a message to the whole world! Twitter has its own feature of using only 260 characters per tweet and because of this feature it forces you to be creative and precise with your message, people out there should be able to understand your business in just about 280 words. All the hashtags allow you to follow and engage in conversation about trending topics. Using appropriate hashtags for your business can allow you to reach a large audience. 


Youtube is not only used by 1.9 billion people but is also the second-largest search engine after Google! Youtube allows you to reach a broad audience. Though if you make a youtube video there is a large amount of work you have to do from setting up the camera, to lighting, till editing the video but if you do make a video and stand out then youtube can be very effective for you.

 The most amazing feature of youtube is that it allows its users to make videos with no time limit, which gives users enough time to explain and show their product to the audience. 


Linkedin is full of professionals across a wide spectrum of industries. Though the audience on Linkedin is not as much as on Facebook and Instagram there is a benefit for people who put business ads on Linkedin. Their business ads reach many of their connections and followers without even paying for the advertisement and because Facebook and Instagram are so crowded they rely on specific algorithms on whether they should show your content to your followers or not.

Linkedin is mostly used by professionals between the ages of 30-49 years. People using Linkedin are mostly business-minded which means that they will be interested in knowing about other people’s business content. Even though ads are expensive on Linkedin as compared to Facebook, it allows the business owners to reach individuals from specific industries they are targeting. 


If you want your brand to reach people then make an account on social media now! Just remember that engaging on social media is the most important factor to stay active and let your followers know about your service or product. Every social media has its own algorithm so before making an account dig into the algorithms and then make them, it will make your job easier! And if you are having trouble maintaining your account then there are apps that help you to arrange your posts and be consistent with them. 


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