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Tips to Choose Right Technology Stack For Web Development Project

For any business, the development of a web application is the most important thing. It takes the respective industry and product to a broad audience around the globe. Hence it is essential to select the right technology stack for web development.

What Is The Technology Stack?

When we talk about technology stack, then in technical language, it is a combination of segments that are used in software development such as framework, tools, programming languages, and latest technology. For a non-technical person, technology stacks are layers used in web development, including front-end, back-end, and a database.
Significance Of Technology Stack

The selection of the technology stack directly affects the performance of the application. Similarly, the type of application also affects the choice of technology stack selection. The right technology stack selection leads to the success of digital products.

Many entrepreneurs confused about choosing the right software partner when it comes to choosing the right technology stack. To resolve this doubt, KBA Systems is here with the overall process. Here in this guide, we have listed factors to consider while making the selection of technology stack. So let’s start the ride.

How To Pick The Right Web Technology Stack?

Choosing a technology for your web application is a project within a project. Out of the variety of web development tools, stacks, and platforms, selecting the one required your effort.

Your choice determines effort, but this choice determines how your app designed, run, look, and maintained.

First, you have to segregate your option according to your specification, application, and project requirement.

Project type and size

In determining the stack, the size of the project, kind of the project, and complexity associated with it play an essential role. According to these three factors, you can choose a stack to develop your web application. The project size is differentiated in small-, mid-, and large- size projects.

Small Projects

Small projects such as MVPs are created using Node.js development, Angular js development, React js development or Python-Django stack development. You can go with CMS web development framework WordPress like a ready-made and straightforward solution if your MPV format is a landing page.

Mid-Size Projects

Mid-size projects include e-commerce stores, online stores, enterprise applications, and similar. It needs a complex stack with different languages and multiple layers. Such an app can be delivered with a CMS like Magento and Shopify or MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS), MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) or LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) stack and be expected to perform well.

Large Projects

Large projects include web applications like a global marketplace, social network, and others. It needs high speed, maintenance, and scalability. This kind of project uses a complex combination of tools, technology, and languages.

It ensures effective and optimum performance with higher customer satisfaction. Many large projects prefer core stack technology as Python-Django, Angular-Node.js, or Ruby on Rails.

Time to market

Time to market is influenced by technology stack. How? It supports third-party integration and reusable components according to your time to market. The development process speeds up by the easy to integrate framework, and ultimately it reduces the time to market. Due to the flexible third party code, the MEAN stack offers quite good opportunities.

Developer expertise also affects your time to market. If the developers are familiar with the tool associated with the development process, it takes less time on the project.

In the tool selection, the quality of documentation also plays an important role. Here you can also consider the quality of documentation as it may play its part in the selection of tools. For example, PHP, a back end language for web development, is known for its excellent documentation and can be merged with HTML.


If you want that your business grows with your app, you need to provide scalability during its development stage. The app a scale either scale up or scale down direction. Do not worry; we have given the basic idea about both.

Scale-up: It is also known as vertically and allows you to add new software for upcoming or new tasks.

Scale-out: It is also known as horizontally and allows you to handle the increased volume on the app.

The technology stack you have chosen for your tool may have different potential in terms of scalability, but it may be a critical factor when making decisions. For example, the components of the MEAN and a MERN stack are different but MEAN proved that it has superb scalability possibilities. And hence, your choice of the stack will be the same if scalability is your major critical.

Cost of development

Most of the web development frameworks and tools are free or open-source. As they are open source tools, it can be modified and use unlimited. It leads to higher possibilities for the development and maintenance of the tool.

Along with it, your stack selection, available developer, total development hours, total year of experienced developers assigned to project also affect the cost of development. The number of professionals and technology they used is directly related to the total development hours and the size or complexity of any web development project. If you have any idea of web development for your business, request a free quote for your project.


Depend on the field, the safety of the app differs. For example, if your app is related to healthcare, you have to careful while choosing technologies. Possibly, your choice might not be secure enough. latest PHP Web application frameworks for Web development are a reasonable consideration for security purposes.

Last Words

All these are tips or considerations to take care of while choosing the Technology Stack for web development. If you are still confused after reading the post, you can leave your question here. Our experts from KBA Systems will resolve your queries ASAP.


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