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Top Emerging Trends in Mobile App Development for 2020

Since their inception in 1995, mobile apps have been on an exponential trajectory. Although the first “smartphone” was released before several years, this mobile app had a price tag of almost $900. In 2019, we see a change in the way mobile apps are used and monetized. Thus, we shall be discussing the top mobile app trends for 2020.

With estimated revenue of almost $190 billion by 2020, mobile app trends can play a huge role. We at KBA systems created the below list to inform developers and users likewise.

AI & Machine Learning

This trend seeks to automate most repetitive tasks within mobile apps. Such tasks are being redesigned to run through various automated operational sequences. These ensure a human feel while they are in use. A vivid example of these machine learning apps includes Chatbots such as Siri and Alexa.

Machine learning seeks to revolutionize mobile app development by helping businesses automate their processes even in demanding scenarios. Examples abound in healthcare and aviation. This will to increase the level of efficiency and profitability of businesses globally. Moreover, AI-enabled chips and DevOps via AIOps are trends to expect.

Beacon Technology

In 2019, we expect to see a proliferation of beacon technology deployment. This is particularly useful in businesses that interface directly with customers. These include retail, healthcare, aviation and even banking. Unlike RFID, customers are in total control of their consumption. They can decide when to receive information or now.

Customers can be fed a wide range of information such as promos and deals. It should be deployed in mobile gaming and payment. Various third-party apps are seeking to leverage the existing beacon capabilities in recent phones. The apps are adept in helping customers decode the coded messages beacons transmit to nearby mobile devices.


This technology’s value extends far beyond the limits of the popular crypto-technology. Its decentralized nature allows for a myriad of possibilities. We expect to see the proliferation of decentralized mobile apps with Blockchain technology and crypto-gaming.

This affords developers various benefits including shared responsibility. Also, by various predictions, the blockchain distributed ledger projections for 2023 is in excess of $5 billion. This hinges greatly on its success in decentralizing and deregulating the financial and healthcare sector.

In conclusion, 2019 is an interesting year to be into mobile app development. The stage is set for the unmatched contextual mobile experience and KBA Systems is with you every step of the way.


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