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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Enterprise Mobile App in 2020?

Are you thinking of developing a mobile enterprise app? If yes, then the first question comes in your mind is, “how much does it cost to develop a mobile app?” I think it is a perfect question to ask, but before that, you have to gather some information related to app development. We are here on the same topic.

According to the prediction of Statista, the mobile app industry revenue will cross $189 billion by 2020. It is estimated that the app market becomes double next year, and hence, it is the best time to get your business app developed. Without an app, you are already losing significant traffic, and I think after knowing it, you do not want to continue this mistake for more. So let’s take a look at the costing of developing customized mobile applications.

What Is The Overall Cost Of Developing A Mobile Enterprise App?

The cost of app development depends on the type of app, hosting platform, features, and many others. An iOS app costs are higher than the android app.

There are three types of apps: free, paid, based on purpose. Based on purpose apps includes business apps, e-com apps, gaming apps, entertainment apps, social media apps, etc.

Based on the platform, there are two types of apps: single platform apps and cross-platform or hybrid apps. The three major platforms are Android, iOS, and Windows.

The combination of platform and type of app, you need to classify it further. Together all these things decide the cost of development.

The inclusion and exclusion of a single feature in the app will change the cost. You have to consider many things to get the feature-rich app at the right figure. Below are the things that contribute to the value of the app, look at it, and calculate the estimated cost of app development.

App Development Cost (Adc) Calculation Formula

According to KBA Systems, the basic formula for developing the particular app is here:

App Development Cost = (features includes in the app * time to developed each feature) * hourly rate

From the formula, you seem that it’s simple, but my friends it is not that easy. The development time for each feature is different. Even the charges basis is also different. Some charges based on hours, some charges based on application, or others. However, after getting all the involved features and working prototype, you can easily calculate the estimated price using the following formula:

App Development Cost = [(Development time for feature 1) + (Development time for feature 2) + ….] * Hourly rate

Apart from this, app development cost factors and business model are two major factors that influence development cost. For example, the type of your business model is blogging, gaming, food industry, etc., and it will directly determine the cost of the app.

Gaming apps are a costly one as it involves high graphics, advanced functionality, and regular updates. The complexity of an app also decides cost like card games cost less compared to battle or racing games.


App development platforms are divided into two major categories: Native/ single platform app development and Hybrid/ cross-platform app development.

Native apps are developed for single platforms like android or iOS or iPhone, and hybrid apps developed in such a way that they can use on selected platforms like android, iOS, and Windows. Native apps require access to specific features and need customization for a particular platform, and hence they are more expansive.


For the cost determination, features are the most critical aspects of the app development. A full-featured e-commerce app like Amazon or Myntra, Flipkart will costs you more than a basic e-commerce app for a local store with limited features.

Some apps need access to the camera, GPS, split-screen, etc., then the complexity of development increase with working hours. Even the hardware components like chatbots, vibrant graphics, dashboards, GPS, etc. take the complexity of the app to the next step. As a result, there is an increase in price.

In simple words, the complexity of the app is directly proportional to the application development cost.

App Design

Application design is another critical part while determining the app-building cost. Simple and basic design cost you far less than a visually attractive and intricate design.

Higher the number of visual capabilities, the higher the price will be. It includes high-end graphics, large images, animation inclusion, etc.

Another thing is the design complexity that depends on the length of the app. It includes per page features or total functionalities in a particular design.

Server And Database

Web server and remote server feature in the app likely to cost more compared to the app without it. This kind of function is needed in apps like email, planners, calendars, notes, etc. This kind of apps cost around $1k- $4.5k; however, the price may vary according to location and features. Apps having a remote web server usually cost between $7.5k and $50k, again conditions apply.

The addition to the database feature will add costs further. Here app data, and user data both stored. Based on the type of database and connection requirement, the charge may vary. I suggest you use the cloud option for data storage as it is convenient and costs less.


Coding is required by default, but apart from this, your app needs other technical features to integrate the app. For example, you can add AI features for better experience via chat and voice-based service. For a media-related feature, you can add AR/VR, AI & Machine Learning technologies. Keep in mind that these technologies come at a significant price, and it adds the cost to the application development charges.

Blockchain is modern technology. You are developing a Blockchain-based app; it cost higher than usual app development. It includes apps like Digital Wallet, ICO, Exchange, etc. will be higher than your typical app development cost.

Third-Party Integration

Third-party integration allows your app to take the data from third-party apps to your app. A recent example is Facebook, who share users data to other apps and websites. Yes, it requires external API and the best safety measures that increase the overall cost of the app.

Developer Cost

Last is the developer fee. Application development depends upon the amount you are paying to the developers to design an app from scratch. You can hire an individual developer. Or consult to the developer firm like KBA Systems. We have a team of experts web & mobile app developers who help you from the base to end.

Apart from the above points, other things like security, maintenance, testing, promotion, etc. also contribute to your app development cost. You can consider all individual factors according to your budget. If you are confused, we are here to help you.


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