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Why Customizing Your Website Is Better?

Well, we know that making a website is important for your brand and how it can grow your business. You might have even thought of making one with the help of templates available online and you might have even made it but the website did not work properly and people had issues with it. So, now let me show you why making a custom website is better for your brand:

Template Based Website 

The most common, easy, and fast way to build a website is by using a template. One thing to keep in mind while making a template-based website is that you can customize it in the future but then it weighs down the website in terms of speed and SEO. If there are any issues in your website you might just go to a developer and tell them to fix that issue but then later when there will be a new update or a new feature in your chosen theme/template it will be difficult for your website to run smoothly and will also face display issues.

The biggest disadvantage of using a template-based website is that there will be other companies or brands that will be using the same template so your website will not stand out from others. On a template, you can’t add your feature or anything and there is also a possibility that your website won’t work on all the devices. Though making a website on the template will cost you less than customizing it and it also takes less amount of time. If you have a small business and all you want from the website is for people to know your brand then making a template-based website is a good option for you.

When you look for a template you are looking for the one that can fit your brand but your brand will look stronger and more appealing when a site is designed to fit your brand.

Custom Build Websites 

When you ask a website developer to build you a website for your brand, many people will work for that one single website. The website designer will design a website according to your preferences, your audience, how you want the website to work, what are the features that you want in your website and so many other things. It’s like you have control over what kind of website you prefer. When a developer makes a website they allow google and other search engines to read each page and to give the user a better and relevant search result. Though, when you customize a website it may take at least 6-7 weeks to be ready because the developer makes the whole thing from scratch.

Custom-based sites can be more costly than template websites but in the long run, they are the best. When you want to add a feature or update your site in the future it’s much easier than template-based sites. When you customize your site it is different from all the sites and it stands out and is made according to your business needs. The site is tested to work on all the browsers and is also search engine friendly.

The developer or the company who has developed your site will be there with you even after the site is completed or even if you want to update your site or just fix some problems. If you want people to know your brand, or purchase products from you then you should customize our site!


A website is a very powerful and important tool in a band. If done right then it can do wonders! If you want your website to look good in the long run then customize your website now!


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