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How Blockchain Technology impact on Mobile App Development?

Blockchain technology took the world by surprise in 2017 when it recorded its first major win with one of the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Although the technology had existed years before then, it only really got people’s attention afterward. This has been critical to the success of various other technologies such as smart contracts and digital currencies.

Blockchain is a decentralization technology that deploys a shared ledger network to execute transactions. The level of security offers (data encryption via a secured mesh) makes it an attractive option for most developers and businesses.

This is possible because each transaction contains a cryptographic hash of the previous transaction and so on. This makes the network as strong as its weakest link and of immense benefit to mobile app development.

Below is a list of the major impacts of blockchain on mobile app development.

Unmatched security

Blockchain deploys a timestamp and transaction data infusion on subsequent transactions. To alter a particular transaction, then all other subsequent transactions. This creates a complex network that is almost impregnable. Although certain algorithms are being developed to boycott this technology, their success depends on the block size. Certain blocks can have more than one billion transactions in them.


The deployment of complex Byzantine fault tolerance within blockchain allows for heightened reliability. Most mobile apps that handle a large or sensitively complex volume of data would find this technology interesting. Moreover, mobile apps that require secure multiuser access would benefit from blockchain technology because of its decryption key feature

Ease of utilization

Unlike other complex technologies, blockchain offers developers relative ease of deployment. From the design phase all the way to the utilization, deploying blockchain in mobile apps is known to be affordable and relatively Moreover, given the fact that the technology is still in its infancy, there is tremendous room for growth and innovation.

Here at KBA Systems, we are keen on fostering innovation and efficiency within mobile development. Thus we are heralds for the deployment of blockchain in mobile app development. Thereby leading to a secure and improved world we all desire.

Keep your eyes on Blockchain Technology to build your secure mobile app with highly scalable


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