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How Virtual Reality will influence Mobile Apps in 2019

With a healthy estimate of about 5 million apps available on both Apple and Google stores, there are no shortages of mobile app development ideas. Although, Virtual Reality (VR) is topping the list of new ideas.

What really is Virtual Reality?

This is the technology that involves the development of a fully interactive digital environment.

At the moment, the vast majority of mobile apps using virtual reality are games. Some other app niches that could use virtual reality include engineering (CAD) and travel. In most regards, virtual reality apps are independent of real-time footage but can be complex to design and maintain.

The benefit VR offers users are boundless and this shapes some of the anticipated impacts we at KBA Systems have listed below.


This represents one of the largest vertical markets for developers. VR is expected to offer a new set of experiences to users. The games developed with this capability transcend the known gaming encounters. Users are able to interact


Google Earth VR sets the pace within this niche. However, it does not set the limit. Various developers are working on creating the world we wish we had via VR. Similar to the concepts introduced in the 2018 movie – Ready Player One, VR can help users experience life in other continents, planets or even universes.


Diverse fields require years of practice to gain competence in their skill. A perfect example of this is learning to be a surgeon. This is enhanced using VR. Both surgeons and students can interact with virtual internal organs in real-time while learning how to navigate carefully. These sorts of apps offer minimal exposure to human and cadavers. Moreover, allow for increased technical competence.


With the rising cost of doing business, it is important for companies to reduce costs at all points. VR promises to reduce manufacturing costs by creating a world of interactive 3D product design which allows for improved design processes and reduced errors in manufacturing. Various mobile apps can be developed to offer product designers an interactive design experience.

Looking ahead, we know that virtual reality is going to offer mankind the exposure he requires to conquer the forces of nature.


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