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Why you need Chatbots in your E-Commerce Web & Mobile Application?

The word ‘Bots’ do not refer only to the ‘Robots’ in sci-fi Hollywood movies. It has a wider section of its application in the present World. Well, Bots these days can help you get your tickets booked or order online food for you. With Bots, come ‘Chatbots’, which is a personified version of the regular ones.

A Chatbot will help you in some way or the other in Chatbot Mobile apps/ websites. You can find them all over the World from e-commerce sites to Social Media platforms. Even though there are a lot of reasons behind the popularity of Chatbots, its convenience is the most important one.

The functions of Chatbots fall under the app development segment, specifically for Mobile apps. Although there are a lot of companies out there dealing with the segment, KBA Systems require a special mention. They are a one-stop solution for Mobile app development in Canada, the USA and India. iOS, Android or cross-platform app development interfaces, their arms reach out to tick all of the boxes.

Coming back to the topic on Chatbots, this Blog post is all about it. Get to know why it is important in your e-commerce Mobile app for your company.

How Well Do You Know About Chatbots?

Chatbots are actually Computer programs, which simulates conversations with your users. Chatbots are like the first phase of every company’s Customer Care Service’. Through a sort of conversation, Chatbots help users with their service to resolve their complications.

Chatbots are gradually becoming more and more popular considering how less, consumers call the company for solving any issue. Rather than calling and waiting for a reply from the other end, the concept of Chatbots is more convenient.

What Are The Things Chatbots Do?

Chatbots come mostly in use of the consumers who appear in any e-commerce platform for buying things. Broadly classified according to the functions, they do three things –

  • Provide the buyer with adequate suggestions for the products they can buy.
  • Help them to understand the process of checking out.
  • Lastly, they are a great way to gather feedback from customers.

Customers find more ease in texting and chatting with a Chatbot rather than connect with official personnel. Chatbots are programmed conversation-simulators who can engage and interact with customers to develop their shopping experience even more.

However, these are not the only things that a Chatbot can perform. As the technology is still in its cradle years, companies can use them in other ways too.

Why Chatbots Are Getting So Famous?

Your customers are the main reason behind the fame of Chatbots. Researchers who did user-research say that with the hype of Social Media apps, customers are ever friendly with Messenger apps nowadays. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have only made the people highly familiar with messaging apps.

Therefore, more and more people love shopping under the guidance of Chatbots. Even if they need to lodge a complaint, they would go for Chatbots but not call the company directly. It is just that Chatbots have become reliable enough to skip connecting with a human.

Why Does Your e-Commerce App Need A Chatbot?

Unless you want to lag behind in the track of the ever-increasing e-commerce market, Chatbots are helpful. Every Mobile app development company should ensure that they provide Chatbots support in their client’s app or website. Adopting Chatbots for communicating with your customers is a great side of Chatbots. Records of inputs received while in a conversation with customers come handy in future recommendations.

Chatbots help your customers to understand your eCommerce Mobile app more clearly. The online retail market needs Chatbots to have a better way of interaction with customers. Mobile app development programs must have Chatbots to keep customers at bay.

What are the Prime Advantages of Having Chatbots?

According to surveys, around 80% of the eCommerce application is going to use Chatbots by 2021. This trend in the digital world is here for some advantages, here are the dug results out below –

Improve Your Company-Customer Connection

As said before, customers these days prefer typing to talk on the phone. Introducing Chatbots will only make that chance open for them. As a result, the company-customer connection increases. However, you need to keep in mind that late-responses to customer queries can degrade your company’s reputation. Besides that, it definitely does boost your sales and footfalls.

Boosting Of Sales Through Chatbots

Yes, Chatbots can boost your eCommerce sales if you integrate it into your eCommerce mobile application. With immediate responses, Chatbots can develop interests of your customers and drive sales. Often, Chatbots offer customers with the latest deals and discounts, which are running in your app. In that way, they gain trust and love of customers. At the same time, they actually increase sales.

Slice Down Customer Care Service Expenses

Customer care services are an important part of every eCommerce Mobile app to work. Without addressing your customers’ queries and feedbacks, no company can sprint in the long run. Customers who buy something from an app might come back for more some other day. They want fresh suggestions and recommendations, which the Customer Care department can provide.

However, it is very expensive to deploy 24×7 services and that is where Chatbots come to the rescue. They offer a large variety of services without the need of paying real humans for the purpose.

Simply integrating a quick FAQ session or a small survey to the customer can get them to find something they need.

CAC Slices Down Considerably Too

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is the average expense that you need to attract one single customer. You can understand the ratio – the lesser the CAC, the better it is for your company. Chatbots help in slicing down CAC, as they are a constant source of keeping your customers engaged. The more your Chatbot interacts with customers, the more they are likely to stay in your app and discover new things.

Chatbots, as said earlier can even boost sales. So, they can even manage to turn a visitor into a buyer tomorrow.

CRC Climbs Up Eventually

Customer Retention Rate (CRC) is something that Chatbots seem to improve. It is nothing but customer loyalty i.e. loyalty of existing customers of your brand. With constant conversations and resolving issues, Chatbots help in holding customers to your brand.

Generally, customers shift brands either when they find a better brand or when the Customer Service section deprives them. With Chatbots, this gap between the company and the customers does not expand.

Convenience Above Everything Else

When a customer lands on a new Mobile app to buy something, everything seems alien to them. Chatbots can provide a helping hand and help them in roaming around discovering things. With recommendations and suggestions, they always make things easier for the customers. Quite soon, customers start learning about the app and gains in interest to surf more and eventually buy.

Also, the fact, as said before, having someone to check customers 24×7 is really what changes the game.

Mobile App development in 2020 will bring in a lot of handy prospects of which Chatbots is a big one. More companies will adapt to the uses of Chatbots for effectively running their e-commerce apps.


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